Three Course Meze Special

3 Choice Lunch Meze Special

Served 12.00 – 16.00

Tuesday to Saturday

Choose any three cold and hot meze

with a glass of white or red wine (125ml) or soft drink £14.95

Cold Meze

Homemade Pide Bread (ve,vg)  £4.00
With butter or olive oil and pomegranate sauce.
Homemade Pide Bread & Olives (ve, vg)  £5.95
Humus (ve,vg,gf)  £6.95
Puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic.
Cacik (vg,gf)  £6.95
Blended yogurt with cucumber, garlic & mint
Patlican Salata (ve,vg,gf)  £7.75
Smoked aubergine with mix pepper, garlic,
lemon juice and herbs.
Yaprak Sarma (cold & hot) (ve,vg,gf)  £7.50
Stuffed vine leaves with rice, raisins and herbs.
Ezme Salata Turkish Salsa (ve,vg,gf £6.50
Finely chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, parsley,
pomegranate juice & herbs.
Beyaz Peynir & Zeytin (vg,gf) £7.45
Feta cheese and marinated olives.
Tarator (vg,gf)   £6.95
Baby spinach & carrot blended in garlic yogurt.
Kisir (ve,vg)  £6.50
Cracked bulgur wheat mixed with tomato, peppers,
onions and mint, topped with pomegranate juice and walnut
Yesil Fasulye (ve,vg,gf)  £6.95
Fine beans with carrot, tomato, garlic,
herbs and olive oils
Saksuka (ve,vg,gf)  £7.50
Fried diced aubergine, courgette, mix peppers, onion
in tomato sauce with garlic and herbs
Trio of Meze (ve,vg,gf)  £8.95
Fried diced aubergine, courgette, mix peppers, onion
in tomato sauce with garlic and herbs
Konak Meze Cold Sharing Plater £20.95
A delicious selection of cold starters,
combination of: Humus, Cacik, Yaprak Sarma,
Ezme Salata, Kisir, Taze Fasulye, Saksuka, Patlican Salata and Tarator
(Not Included in the Special Offer)

Hot Meze

Soup £6.50
Soup of the day served with homemade Turkish pide bread
Hellumi (vg,gf) £8.45
Simply chargrilled halloumi cheese with Turkish salsa
and crispy salad.
Falafel (ve,vg)  £7.25
Chickpeas rissoles seasoned with celery, onion, coriander, carrot, parsley and herbs.
Sigara Boregi (vg) £7.25
Deep fried filo pastry parcels filled with spinach and feta cheese.
Sucuk £7.25
Chargrilled spicy Turkish beef sausages.
Kalamar  £8.95
Marinated squid rings served with tartare sauce.

(Supplement charge £2.50 for Special Offer.)

Mitete Koftesi (gf) £7.50
Ottoman style seasoned chicken meatballs served in
tomato sauce.
Arnavut Cigeri £7.95
Pan fried lamb liver with red onions, cumin, oregano,
paprika (An original 17th century Ottoman’s street food dish).
Muska Boregi (vg) £7.25
Deep fried filo pastry filled with potatoes and spinach
served with salad and a yogurt dip.
Karides Tava (gf) £9.25
Pan fried king prawns with garlic butter, chili flakes, lemon
and fresh parsley (Supplement charge £3.00 for Special Offer.)
Patates Kofte (vg)  £6.95
Deep fried potato patties with cheese finely chopped parsley
and herbs.
Kremali Mantar £7.15
Creamy garlic mushroom topped with cheese.
Konak Meze Hot Sharing Plater  £22.95
A delicious selection of hot starters, combination of:
Hellumi, Sucuk, Kalamar, Falafel, Sigara Boregi,
Mitete Kofte, Patates Koftesi.
(Not Included in the Special Offer)